Hydrafacial in London

Hydra Facial in London

What is Hydra Facial?

Hydra facial is a six step facial created to improve common skin issues such as dull skin, dehydrated skin, ageing skin, pigmentation and more. 

The six steps involve:

Hydro-Oxygen Cleaning:

It is a deep cleansing treatment which helps to remove grease, blackheads, mild acne, dirt and also helps in increasing skin elasticity.

Skin Scrub:

Idea for removing dead skin and deep impurities.  

RF Skin Tightening:

Radio frequency technology is used for boosting collagen thereby tightening and lifting the targeted area. 

Ultrasound Penetration:

Assists in repairing skin bottom as a result of deep penetrating ultrasound technology.

Hydro-Oxygen Hydration

Assists in increasing skin vitality by using a high pressure hydro-oxygen spray. 

Cold Hammer Treatment:

Ideal for reducing skin sensitivity and shrinking pores to better conserve and seal the infused products.

Note: We at the British Aesthetic Bar only work with medical professionals to ensure your safety is never compromised. A free consultation is included with all our treatments at our London clinic. 


  • Procedure Time: 45-60 Minutes
  • Recovery Time: 24 Hrs
  • Results: From 24-48 hours
  • Recommended No. of Treatments: 8
  • Risks: May cause temporary redness, soreness or swelling*
  • Treatment Price: From £150 per session View Full Price List


Is Hydra Facial Painful?

There is no discomfort of pain associated with the treatment apart from a mild pinch sensation one may feel now and then during certain steps of the treatment.

How long does a sessions last?

Each session is approximately 60 mins long.

Am I suitable for the treatment?

The treatment is suitable for all skin types but may not be suitable if suffering from certain medical conditions. A free consultation is provided with all our treatments to check medical suitability.

Are there any side effects to this procedure?

Apart from mild redness and soreness there are no associated side effects from the procedure.

What aftercare should I follow post treatment

We suggest avoiding the sun & high temperatures for 48 hours post treatment & using a medical grade moisturiser and SPF which can be bought from your practitioner itself.

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