Radio frequency facial treatment uses the power of radio frequency to target signs of ageing. Radio

Radio Frequency Facial in London

What is a Radio Frequency Facial?

Video might have killed the radio star, but  Radio is going to make a star out of you. Don’t worry if facing the mirror with confidence has become something of a trial. A cutting edge treatment that involves no cutting at all. Our radio frequency facial treatment uses the power of, you guessed it, Radio Frequency to target signs of ageing. Radio frequency facial can reduce wrinkles and fine lines, aiming to help you look and feel younger and healthier, without the downtime needed after more invasive surgery.

Note: We at the British Aesthetic Bar only work with medical professionals to ensure your safety is never compromised. A free consultation is included with all our treatments at our London clinic. 

Treatment Summary

  • Procedure Time: 20-40 Minutes
  • Recovery Time: No downtime
  • Results: Visible after 24-48 Hrs* 
  •  Recommended No. of Treatments: 8
  • Risks: May cause temporary redness, soreness or swelling*

Radio Frequency Facial Prices

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Radio Frequency Facial FAQ's

How does my face get tightened by Radio Frequency?

The treatment emits radio frequency Waves which heat up the outer most layer of your skin cells. Due to the heat, the dermal layer of the skin becomes thickened boosting collagen. With the new collagen production, wrinkles are pushed out, so the skin becomes firmer and the contours lifted. The radio frequency treatment generally tightens, smooths and re-contours your skin from the inside out, which also rejuvenates your skin’s firmness and texture.   

Is Radio Frequency facial Painful?

There is no pain or discomfort during the radio frequency procedure. A mild warm sensation is the most someone can feel during the treatment. 

How long does a Radio Frequency session last?

A typical radio frequency session lasts for 40 mins.  

Am I suitable for the Radio Frequency treatment?

We offer a free one on one consultation with a medical professional, where you can discuss any concerns you may have including your suitability for the radio frequency treatment.

Are there any side effects to Radio Frequency?

Side effects with radio frequency are rare however mild redness does occur in some cases which usually subsides within 24 hours.

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