The mummy tummy make over at The British Aesthetic Bar targets stretch marks and loose skin.

Mummy Tummy Makeover

What is a Mummy Tummy Makeover?

The mummy tummy makeover is a non-surgical treatment course offered at The British Aesthetic Bar. The treatment utilises our state of the art microneedling and radio frequency technology which targets stretch marks and loose skin post pregnancy or after abrupt weight loss.

The course will start with a free consultation to check medical suitability followed by a session of derma pen microneedling. After three weeks (full healing time) 6 radio frequency sessions (two per week) will take place and the following week an eighth session of derma pen microneedling would be done. To summarise:

Week 1: Consultation + 1x Derma Pen Microneedling Session 

Week 3: 2x Radio Frequency Sessions

Week 4: 2x Radio Frequency Sessions

Week 5: 2x Radio Frequency Sessions

Week 6: 1x Derma Pen  Microneedling Session 


  • Procedure Time: 60 Minutes per session
  • Recovery Time: 48 hrs
  • Results: Visible after 8 weeks* 
  • No. of Treatments: 8 Sessions


     Session 1: Dermpa Pen Microneedling

     Session 2-7: Radio Frequency

     Session 8: Derma Pen Microneedling


  • Risks: May cause temporary redness, soreness or swelling*
  • Treatment Price: £700 (Usual Price £920)

Mummy Tummy Makeover FAQ's

What does the mummy tummy make over package involve?

The mummy tummy makeover treatment package offered at our London clinic involves two sessions of microneedling and 6 sessions of radio frequency treatments which tackle stretch marks and loose skin formation as a result of pregnancy or abrupt weight loss.

How does the process look like?

Session 1: Derma Pen Microneedling

Session 2-7: Radio Frequency

Session 8: Derma Pen Microneedling

Am I suitable for the treatment?

You will initially have a free consultation with one of our medical professional to check medical suitability and explain the full procedure including course duration. 

Are there any side effects

Side effects are rare however mild redness does occur in some cases which usually subsides within a week.